How to choose a good Lexia 3 clone for citroen peugeot

A cheaper lexia 3 citroen peugeot diagnostic tool (sp08-d) for only 71GBP but there are missing some chip, compared to the original one.

cheap lexia 3 is designed with this kind of board


Original lexia 3


On original interface “those caps” are resitors (473) 47k – R5 and R6. Optocouplers seems to be HCPL-063N-000E and HCPL-0500-000E. Also the filter from USB input is ACM2012D-900-2P (TDK) – most of clones have not this USB filter (2 resistors of 0 ohms are used).

On relay pcb the round red component is a varistor and original is V18ZA40P (in most clones is blue and have not the same specifications as the red one).

On relay pcb there is another optocoupler ZJYS51R5-2PT-01 (TDK) on the edge area near relays used for VAN BUS.

Some pictures from an original XS EVOLUTION PCB revision C.




there mainly are two kinds of Chinese Lexia3 from different factories. One cheaper but lack some chips, the other with full chips of high quality.

The good Lexia 3 should come with PCBs as follows:


sp08-c-lexia-3-pcb-3 sp08-c-lexia-3-pcb-4 sp08-c-lexia-3-pcb-1 sp08-c-lexia-3-pcb-2

It’s item no.sp08-c: (much better quality than sp08-d)

even if the PCB is designed as above, there are some different similar clones, not all HQ.
This is the comparison: the left: good ; the right: bad

good-lexia3-vs-bad-lexia3-3 good-lexia3-vs-bad-lexia3-1 good-lexia3-vs-bad-lexia3-2

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