How does yanhua acdp add CAS4 key via ICP?

It’s easy that yanhua acdp adds a new CAS4 key in the way of ICP instead of cutting line, remove components, lift pins etc.

Here we go for procedure.
Remove CAS4 from the car
The CAS is located under the steering wheel
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-01
Dismantle the CAS module
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-02

1) ACDP main unit
3) BDM01
4) 20 pin cable
5) CAS4 adapter
6) BAV-KEY adapter
7) Working key
8) Key blank
For the first 6 options, you can get from
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-03 yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-04

Part 1: Connection
Install the copper pillar
Find the location hole D1-D4
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-05 yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-06

Enlarge drawing.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-07 yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-08

Install the interface board.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-09

Skills: Aim for D1-D4.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-10

yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-11

yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-12

Vertical press down the interface board.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-13

Lock the board with copper pillar.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-14

Clamp the board with PCB lock.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-15
Connect the ICP + OBP adapter, BDM01 adapter, CAS4 board and ACDP host.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-16

Power on ACDP.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-17

Part 2: Mobile phone operation.
Open “Mini ACDP”.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-18

Click on “BMW”.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-19

Cas4 /CAS4+
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-20

The second option (Select according to CPU model).
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-21

yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-22

yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-23 yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-24

Read the note.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-25

Automatic pin detection.
If the detection fails, please check and clean up the test points.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-26 yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-27

Decrypting chip, please wait..
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-28 yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-29

Check the VIN number.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-30

Automatically upload and backup data.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-31 yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-32

The CAS4 PCB is processed.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-33

Automatic enter the “Add key” function.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-34

Connect BAV-key adapter and put it into the blank key.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-35

Please check the blank key ID.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-36

Please select the CAS data you want.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-37

Check the VIN number.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-38

Choose any blank key number.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-39

Take out the blank key and put in the working key.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-40

Reading ISN code.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-41

Check ISN code and VIN number.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-42

Put in the blank key again.

Key programming…and succeed soon.
Please learn the new key on car according to prompt.
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-43

Done. yanhua acdp adds CAS4 key in the way of ICP
yanhua-acdp-adds- cas4-key-via-icp-44

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