How does Lonsdor KH100 copy 8C / 7935, identify coil / remote, simulate chip? uploaded several youtube videos on how does Lonsdor KH100 copy 8C &7935, identify coil & remote, simulate chip and how to register Lonsdor KH100.

Copy 8C chip with Lonsdor KH100:


Copy 7935 chip with Lonsdor KH100:

Identify coil with Lonsdor KH100:
identify-coil-03 identify-coil-04

Identify remote frequency with Lonsdor KH100:
remote-frequency-05 remote-frequency-06

Simulate chip with Lonsdor KH100:

How to register Lonsdor KH100 key remote programmer?

Lonsdor KH100, a cheap but powerful device, read details:

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