GODIAG V600-BM: Cost-Effective BMW Tool Must Have

GODIAG V600-BM was launched latest which is a BMW diagnostic & programming tool. What functions doe it support? We have made a comparison form of GODIAG V600-BM and ICOM A3 for better understanding.
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GODIAG V600-BM vs. ICOM A3 Comparison

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Configuration Volume 12*6*2cm 25*12*4.5cm
Weight 300g 1.5kg
CPU high-speed processing High-speed processing 580 MHz MIPS, 32MBFLASH, 128MByte RA, built-in 32G Average processing MPC5200 400MHZ
Low power consumption 3.6W 15W
Communication WIFI Built-in 150Mbps WIFI 1T1R 802.11 bgn Optional (or NO optional)
Point to point WIFI ×
Connect WIFI through router With WIFI card
Network cable communication
Protocol CAN-FD ×
Functions BMW model diagnosis
ISTA-D (diagnostic software)
ISTA-P (programming software)
ECU programming
ECU data update
Optical fiber interface
For new BMW models, there is no need to turn on the ignition switch & smart key, and V600 can also enter the diagnostic mode
Features Add authorization to support more models ×
Authorization of JLR CAN FD √ (extra charge) ×
Authorization of ODIS √ (extra charge) ×
Authorization of Toyota TIS √ (extra charge) ×
Authorization of Benz software √ (extra charge) ×
Update Plan Phone app is under development ×
Charge your phone by using type-c cable to connect V600 ×


GODIAG V600-BM does support point to point WIFI, connect WIFI through router, USB, CAN-FD, add authorization to support more models, authorization of JLR CAN FD, ODIS, Toyota TIS, Benz software, changing phone by using type-c cable for connection while ICOM A3 does not.

GODIAG V600-BM is smaller, lighter with lower power consumption 3.6W, featured built-in 150Mbps WIFI 1T1R 802.11bgn.


Despite some authorization functions may charge for extra cost, GODIAG V600-BM will be one of the cost-effective BMW diagnostic tool than most products on market.


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