Godiag GT103: Most Cost-Effective Circuit Tester Must Have

Godiag GT103 Electric Circuit Tester is a simplified version of GT101/GT102 that was released recently. What’s the difference between them except appearance? Let’s take a look.

Godiag GT103 vs. GT101 vs. GT102 Comparison

Item Godiag GT103 Godiag GT101 Godiag GT102
Image godiag-gt103-most-cost-effective-circuit-tester-must-have-(1) godiag-gt103-most-cost-effective-circuit-tester-must-have-(2) godiag-gt103-most-cost-effective-circuit-tester-must-have-(3)
Price  £29 £66 £50
DC Voltage
Positive & Negative Voltage Output
Component Activation
Voltage Display ×
Current Display × ×
Open Circuit Detection
Short Circuit Detection
Fuel Injector Test
Fuel Injector Cleaning
Replay Test

1. Price
Godiag GT103 < GT102 < GT101
GT103 Mini Pirt is the cheapest.
GT102 places the second.
GT101 is most expensive.

2. Function
Godiag GT103 < GT102 < GT101
GT101 covers all functions of the others.
GT102 cannot display current.
GT103 cannot display voltage & current.

From the table above, GT103 Electric Circuit Tester is higher cost performance. Beyond that, what else it can do?

1. Detect Car Circuit Easily
The traditional multimeter cannot support live line measurement, which may burn out the multimeter. Test lead generally allows only 1.5 meters for 2-hands testing. Outage measurement may damage the car. You’ll have to know where the GND is if judging by voltage… Godiag GT103 can help to avoid all these trouble.

Test Work Multimeter GT103 Electric Circuit Tester
Live working Nonsupport Support
Positive & negative output Nonsupport Support
Distance 1.5 meters test lead At least 6 meters
Protection Fuse(need to replace if burn out) 10A protection(automatically recover after power failed)
VCC Support(need experience) Support(red light flashes)
GND Support(need experience) Support(green light flashes)
Operation 2-hands Single hand

2. Flashlight
Godiag GT103 supports line hunting, short circuit & open circuit to enable you work in the dark. It can light up bulb, steering lamp, stoplight, ambient light, window lift, windscreen wiper, horn…etc.

3. Professional Fuel Injector Cleaning
Godiag GT103 is offering a more secure and efficient way to clean fuel injector. Instead of DIY cleaning way to be more convenient and easier.


4. Professional Relay Test
Godiag GT103 is featured with pluggable probes and holder, easy for connection. Supports line hunting in unstable voltage case to do test.

5. LED Light & Voice Prompt
Simple and easy to understand, be friendly to beginners.

6. Copper 6-Pins Switch
Safe and reliable, convenient to pull or plug. Ensure a stable power supply.

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