FVDI J2534 feedback: fit Scanmaster-ELM & PCMscan for Ford diagnosis

Scanmaster-ELM & PCMscan can be installed on the interface FVDI J2534, this post will show the procedure.



Part 1: Install PCMscan ScanMaster -ELM

Open CD, then “ELM327 Scan”, then “ScanMaster -ELM v2.1”.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-01

Select ScanMaster -ELM language: English, Spanish or French.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-02

Follow the prompt to click next until completing the ScanMaster -ELM setup Wizard.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-03

Click on the ” ScanMaster-ELM” on the desktop, fill in the name and Company.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-04

Copy the install code and paste it into the keygen to generate key.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-05 scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-06

Copy the registration key and press [Register].
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-07 scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-08

Part 2: Install PCMscan
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-09 scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-10

Send the PCMSCAN to the desktop.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-11

scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-12

Enter registration code.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-13

Use the keygen generate customer ID and License key.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-14

Part 3: Install FVDI J2534 Ford

Back to open ” FVDI_J2534_Ford_Setup”, follow the instruction to install until InstallShield Wizard Complete.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-15 scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-16

Delete FVDI J2534 for Ford.

Right click “Computer”, then “Device Manager” then “…COM6”.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-17

Part 4: Use ScanMaster-ELM to diagnose.
Open “ScanMaster-ELM”, choose “Options”, then Com6.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-18

Click on “Start” then “Connect”.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-19

Vehicle Info.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-20

System Status
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-21

Trouble codes
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-22

Freeze Frames
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-23

Oxgen Sensor
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-24

Click on “Power”.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-25

PID config
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-26

Live Data Graph
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-27

Live data meter
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-28

Live data Grid
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-29

Monitored test results.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-30

Part 5: Use PCMscan to diagnose.
scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-31 scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-32 scanmaster-elm-pcmscan-install-on-fvdi j2534-33


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