Free Update: Yanhua ACDP OBD Read & Write BMW CAS4 / CAS4+

Free Update !!! Yanhua Mini ACDP with Module 1 is able to OBD read & write BMW CAS4 / CAS4+.
It supports 9S12XDP512 and 9S12XEP100 (No other Chinese devices can do it so far).

Perform IMMO function and mileage reset for all known version Via OBD, no soldering, no risk.

No need to downgrade CAS4 /4+ Firmware to program.

Time to spend: now is several minutes, the past is dozens of minutes.

No need to update by yourself, it already updates automatically, you can open APP to view.

Important: only for those who have Yanhua ACDP Master plus Module 1

Simple guide on using Mini ACDP to OBD read & write BMW CAS4 / CAS4+:
Plug Mini ACDP into the OBD port of CAS4/4+ car.

Open ACDP APP -> BMW -> CAS1-4 -> CAS4 /CAS4+ -> OBD mode -> IMMO / Mileage -> Function menu:
OBD detect
Add key (Automatic mode)
Add key (Manual single step mode)
All-key-lost (Automatic mode)
Akk-key-lost (Manual single step mode)
Reset mileage
Delete key
Modify key info
Vehicle key info
Identify key
Enable key
Disable key
Backup coding data
Recover coding data.






Ready to operate by following the Mini ACDP prompts, several minutes later, CAS4 /CAS4+ IMMO function or odometer reset job will be done.

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