Free download Ksuite 2.53 for Kess 5.017 China clone: test ok

Free download Ksuite 2.53:!Lol0GCZR!nOeibBrssBZGwzzvHAlNozrMV3VkVWIl9P0zBT6dcIo

Kess 5.017 China clone: yes, works great
ktag 7.020 clone: not okay yet

Test reports:
1. Tested this morning 2.53 ok reading audi a3 ppd …

2. Tested on WIN7 32bit and it’s working fine.
I’ve read with KESS, a MED17.5.5 by OBD and i’ll try a BDM read/write with KTAG tomorrow and I’ll share my experience.

Question: Access violation error. SW does not work. DLL folder is just 2mb instead of more than 9mb.
Finally. I just put file i c: and all solved. It works for kess. not k-tag at the moment
kess 2.53

kess 2.53_1

kess 2.53_2

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