Foxwell NT530 vs. Autel Maxidas DS808 / MaxiCOM MK908P for BMW diagnosis

Looking for BMW diagnostic tool, any of Foxwell NT530, Autel Maxidas DS808, Autel MaxiCOM MK908P could be a nice choice.

1. Foxwell NT530 BMW scanner
Foxwell NT530 OBD scanner loaded with the BMW software (£151.20) (Software for other makes are available for download at £50 a pop) is the ONLY low-cost tool I’ve ever seen that support multiple OEMs. The expensive, professional-level scanners typically provide access to most, or all, manufacturers OEM-specific information, but those scanners also typically cost $2-5K.

The BMW-software for the NT530 is EXCELLENT, and provides access to not only the engine computer, but virtually ALL computers on the car – Engine, transmission, brakes, ABS, Traction Control, Air Bags, Audio, Navigation, Climate Control, Locks, Alarm, etc. Mine has already paid for itself many times over in the ~9 months I’ve owned it.

Foxwell NT530 BMW function list:

Foxwell NT530 Mini function list:

Foxwell NT530 Rolls-Royce function list:





2. Autel Maxidas DS808 / MaxiCOM MK908P
Autel Maxidas DS808 or Autel MaxiCOM MK908P (£583 to £1,839). This is a professional level diagnostics tool that mechanics and repair facilities will use. It does everything that BMW ISTA/INPA and Foxwell NT530 can do but the advantage is that it comes loaded with software for all Makes and Models (Asian, European, American).

If you have multiple cars in your family, the “best value” is the Autel Maxidas DS808. At around £583 it covers every make and model.

Link for AUTEL MaxiDAS DS808 for £583:

AUTEL MaxiDAS DS808 or Autel MaxiCOM MK908P function list:
You can choose a product model, vehicle make, vehicle model, year function/sub-function, etc.

I am more than impressed with what MaxiDAS DS808 can do for the price. I was able to do variant coding on a W212 Mercedes, Airmatic calibration and it still had a lot of other useful features( it was able to access all of the 46 modules installed on the Merc).

I also used it on a BMW, Toyota Sienna, and a Ford Ranger truck and it was able to access all of the modules there as well, perform live tests, actuations, adaptations ( I saw the option to perform shift adaptations on the Mercedes but I haven’t tried it yet) and resetting to default values where applicable.
One cool thing I like about it is the ability to perform graphing ( to a limited extent – not oscilloscope detail but still on par with equivalent but more expensive tools on the market like SnapOn or Matco).


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