Foxwell NT510 How to Get the Software after Received

With reference to the above mentioned order the unit Foxwell NT510 has been delivered but I have a question concerning possible incorrect supply.

You will see from the order detailed below that I specified the Land Rover option.

I understood the package came with the system for one vehicle brand along with 18 months of updates

There is no reference to Land Rover on either the outside of the box (as you can see in the picture below) or on the opening screen.

How do I activate the Land Rover icon and update the relevant files for this application?

The photograph below shows what I received along with the start-up screen.

Solution way provided by Engineers:

Just open and register on the Foxwell official website:
After Register and log in well, please update the Foxwell NT510
After Update well, then the software for Land Rover will show to you 🙂

Solution way from customer William:

After sending the above I decided to check the SD card and found that the software had been accidentally installed on a backup SD card attached to my PC.

So I removed the SD card from the scanner and copied the SCAN file across and the unit now works perfectly with the LR icon shown.



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