Ford VCM2 not Communicating with IDS Solution

Question: I managed to install the IDS software v116 that came with the clone Ford VCM2 VCI that I bought recently. All good but I have not connected to a car yet.
When I double-click on VCI manager, and click ‘connect’ it works and you can hear a beep noise. I would like to know do I have to click on ‘Connect’ every time in VCI manager before using IDS? But when I test to see if it’s communicating with the software IDS, it does not seem to work. I installed VCI software 1.0.and VCI manager. what is the difference?

if vcm is connected to vci manager it will not connect to ids
you should start computer
wait a few 3-5 mins so that windows has completed all its start up checks etc
start ids
you should then see a red icon in bottom right corner that shows vcm is connected

if it is not
connect to a car (any car) so that vcm has power from car
then do select all other and next it should bring up a screen of available interfaces

if your vcm not show it is a bad install or a bad vcm

I have a VXdiag All scanner and software and a license for BMW and BENZ. Every time I start my computer I have to check the connection of the VCI scanner to the VCI manager and check the connection and only then start the software for the vehicle (Benz or BMW) BMW connects in a short time, and when I start the Benz software I have to wait up to 5 minutes.

Question: what version of VCI manager or VCI software that will work 100% with my Ford VCM 2 VCI interface?
Answer: Try version 2.3.x.x , if this connect, then your clone is not able to use version 2.4.x.x. happen to me, put VCM in recovery mode then downgrade it. after you done it should show connect.

Just download vci manager v2.3.85.7
Or do recovery
I suggest you to install v2.3.85.7 to not damage your vcm2

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