Ford Transit MK8 airbag deployed and seatbelts shot, VCM helps

Ford Transit MK8 has crashed van with airbag deployed, and seatbelts shot. IDS with Ford VCM2 managed to clear crash data. Finally, I fell in love with transits and VCM again.

Car model and year: Ford Transit MK8

Issue: crashed van with airbag deployed, and seatbelts shot.

Will 62 reg C max airbag fit 64 transit?
Some companies selling kits with airbag, seatbelts, and ecu. Do I need to change ecu as well?
What about crash sensors?
where are they located?

The tool will help:
IDS with Ford VCM2

Questions and Answers:
Question 1:
Use ids to show what has failed, fix the appropriate items and clear the rcm crash data, do the ignition sequence to reset the fuel pump shut off, mine told me what to do iirc, maybe brake and ignition on off a few times or something.
Don’t know about the cmax airbag tbh, maybe check part numbers? Also if you think about changing the whole wheel consider the buttons /steering control module might not be interchangeable and need programming. Not something I’ve done but worth being aware of.

I did my 65 plate custom when I got it 2 years ago.

I had front damage and I needed to replace both seatbelts and both front airbags but that’s all. I think there is a front crash sensor behind the grill near the centre but mine wasn’t that damaged there. But if you get a fault code for your front sensor then replace it/damaged wires.

No curtain airbags or anything on my van although there seems to be a configuration option with a few configurations

Answer 1:
Actually, I took off all front end and didn’t see the crash sensor, started to think, maybe airbag ecu got own sensitive to crashes sensor, so they are selling as complete kit. I mentioned the steering wheel because on mk7’s you could put c max steering wheel, so I thought maybe same with mk8

Question 2:
Maybe but you’ll need to confirm that the buttons and squib are the same.
The seatbelts have metal balls in which squash and activate the crash circuit when you crash, the speed of deceleration is also a factor in deciding whether to blow you up as is the speed you are traveling and also if the bag is single or double stage deployment.
Simple but complicated.

Answer 2:
Just hoping, that my airbag won’t bang again once fitted, because of some crash sensor hidden somewhere, or because they need to be changed along with airbags module/ecu.

Question 3:
Always better to be safe than sorry but as I said it won’t go off again even if tripped by the sensor because it is quite safe and you have to relocate a crash and the pre check must pass.

You can’t for example manually trip a crash sensor while stationary and set the airbag off. They won’t go off under a certain speed because that can actually cause more harm than good since an airbag deploys at 200mph or something daft.

Just get your codes to read and see what comes up.
You should see driver seatbelt fault and steering wheel airbag fault and rcm fault, also if you have passenger airbag and it has deployed you’ll see 2 faults there.

If you have a front sensor fitted and the grill is toast then you will see front sensor fault, if you don’t have it then there won’t be a fault.

Airbag and seatbelt is plug and play and the rcm can be reset up to 5 times.

Answer 3:
so I fitted both seatbelts, and steering airbag (no on the passenger’s side), B1193:00-8B Crash event storage full…. Now I know why they are selling restraint modules with airbag and seatbelts. My IDS doesn’t pick up my van as it’s to new for version I have installed. Forscan can’t delete this error. Should I look for module, or Crash data delete, or how it’s called on ids would sort it?

Question 4:
My ids v96 works on my van, funny thing I can’t remember if I cleared crash data with ids or the speedo I’ll say most likely straight forward with ids. I have 2 airbags but no side airbags etc.
If you have an old vcm before v or it’ll need a serial number update which I had to get someone to do via TeamViewer.

The modules all have a vin number and although I think it is just because I haven’t replaced any modules in my van and can’t confirm.

What ids do you have?

Answer 4:
it’s v86, calibration files looks like are 2012, ids1

Question 5:
So you are working on a 64 plate transit.

You need ids v95 I think or v96 for module work. And a non-blacklisted clone.

Not really sure what to advise from here.

You need to Google what ids will work with your vcm1 and if that will work without the serial number issue, if you have a genuine vcm1 it might work or might get blacklisted I’m not sure what happens tbh.

But in any case you’ll know because you will connect to the vehicle and if it shows the pcm and vin number identification it works, if it shows nothing and asks you to select the pcm from the list then its no Bueno

Answer 5:
Downloaded VCM v103, was bit skeptical, but it accepted my vcm and I managed to clear crash data. My gosh, fallen in love with transits and VCM again.

Best VCM2:

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