Fiat Grande Punto 2007 read PIN & make dealer key, Lonsdor? Tango? TMPro?

Car model and year: Fiat Grande Punto 2007

Purpose: Read PIN, make dealer key

1. Lonsdor K518S Basic with trial Fiat
2. Tango
3. TMPro

1. Lonsdor K518S Basic reviews
1). Lonsdor K518S Basic with trial Fiat Grande Punto 2007 from paid menu
Read PIN – error Vehicle communication: receive timeout
Make dealer key – the same, no success

2). Grande punto has 3 different type of Delphi bsi so it hit and miss some work some dont here is a reference

So I believe if its same as mito bsi Lonsdor K518S can read it.

3). I tried 2 times on Grande Punto 2007 and also failed to do via OBD with Lonsdor. I don’t know if software is not complete or this BSI is something different than others Delphi which I read with success, like Doblo 2010, Fiat 500 2009 and 2013.

2. Tango reviews:
!!!!!! NO SAME BSI TYPE ON GRANDE PUNTO & 500 , Mito, Fiorino …..
Lonsdor just don’t support GRANDE PUNTO , all other is OK

I done akl on a 2007 Punto with Delphi bsi,id46, but not with lonsdor. done it on bench with Tango.
Lonsdor could not connect on it.
It depends on what bsi you have on car but for that year can fail on both bsi – Delphi and Marelli.
Don’t expect it to be all obd… sometimes need to do it on bench or try another tool.

3. TMPro key programmer reviews
I have TMPro with all modules for Alfa/Fiat/Iveco ID46 cars and I prefer to make the keys from dump if there is a possibility. For me this is strange that Lonsdor can read PIN and make keys from Marelli BSI with NEC and Motorola BSI(Ducato/Daily) but cannot read Delphi from my own Grande PUnto I will try another car and write here, there is a lot of Italian cars(and Boxer JUmper also) here as we specialized on it.

That’s all.

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