FGTech Galletto 0475 win7 win10 works with no problem

Users feedback FGTech 0475 works on XP, 7 32/64 bit, win10 no problem.

1. My FGTech works now under Win10
Story went like this:
11th April, 2019 update:
I cannot write the firmware to the LPC2119.
I have erased first, but writ not possible. In Philips flash utility: “cannot communicate with test board”
in Fash Magic this message: “Operation Failed. (programming – failed to send data to the device)”
or this message: “unable to communicate. (transmit/receive)”.
I use Win XP 32bit, but on Win10 64bit i have the same write problem

12th April, 2019 update:
I’m confused … i have erased the LPC MCU, writing is not possible … but the FGTech still works (as 0386)! After ERASE! Is this normal?
PS: i can still read the security too (it is 2 or 3)

13th April, 2019 update:
Just small feedback. I have now successfully written the FGTech 0475 firmware.
I have buy new LPC MCU and replace it. Then was possible to write it. Just for info for another mate with the same writing problem.
My FGTech works now under Win10.


2. FGTech Galletto 0475 on Win xp and win7 32bit /64bit no problem:
The FGTech Galletto 0475 with 0475 and soft v54, works without problem in a desktop with win 7 32bit.

V54 FGTech 0475 Galletto 2 Master install on Win7 32bit:


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