Experience with VXDIAG VCX SE for BMW

@ Dekota28 review: I’ve been using VXDIAG VCX SE for BMW no problem. Better than icom imo.


Next comes with two questions and answers.
I have a question for users VC
X – does it detect battery and ignition voltages (Inpa, Ista)?

Answer: Yes. I don’t know about INPA. but ISTA yes if youre using ICOM function. If you use DOIP and do a passthru to use it as ENET then no just like regular ENET cable. You can also see the voltage through its manager program VXmanager.

Sorry to revive but I’ve had trouble with detection of car using INPA with VxDiag. However detects fine with ISTA. What configuration are you using in ediabas for INPA and are you doing any additional before connecting (DoIP etc.)?

I always use DOIP to connect no matter what software tool I’m using. The car can’t be seen without DOIP On. Use ediabas configurator 2.0 / easyconnect / or edit ediabas.ini.

Configure for remote (works for either wifi or USB). And try to open INPA. I had quite the experience with Tool32 and not INPA but should be the same principles.

If you want to simulate an enet cable configure any of the above for ENET = 192.168.8.XXX. XXX being your car’s IP address. If you can connect to ista this should show in the connection window. This should also be a choice I’m e-sys for connect to vin option. When you can connect to ista and e-sys but not one of the main base tools with an error net-009 time out it usually means there’s conflicting programs or tasks running still from other programs.

If nothing works run in command prompt as administrator:

netsh winsock release catalog
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

And restart your computer and unplug all network devices including the vxdiag.

To be upgrading…


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