(Experience) Condor XC-MINI Master tested OK to cut Toyota TOY48 key blank

I successfully tested ok to cut a Toyota TOY48 key blank using iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI key cutting machine. Below operating steps will show you how to cut TOY 48 key successfully!

Click on “Key Database”, enter “Toyota” and confirm



Enter key code 46422


Push the M2 clamp with side A upwards and tighten. Put a new TOY48 key blank blade on clamp and tighten.


Click “Cut”


After key cutting stop, turn the other key blank side and click “Cut” to continue.

After the machine stop, key cutting complete. Use brush to clear up clamp. Now a new working Toyota TOY48 key blank is cut easily by CONDOR XC-MINI Master! That’s the complete key cutting procedure. Hope it can help you!


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