(Customer Share) Digiprog3 Do Ford Mondeo odometer Correction

Digiprog 3 V4.94 odometer correction tool will change tachometer mileage in 2 ways, by OBD2, dismantle dashboard, dissemble chip etc.

Here is our customers send us he use  2 methods of Ford Mondeo mileage correction with DP3.If you fail to correct mileage by OBD2, then try another way around.

Ford Mondeo 24C**
Ford Mondeo HCS 12

Ford Mondeo 2007 24C16

Plug: ST01

Dismantle Tacho

Identify Chip 24C16
Desolder Chip 24C16
Clean Chip 24C16

Set Plug ST01 cable on Chip
Red cable on pin 1
Pin 1 bottom left

Choose vehicle in digiprog iii
Data Backup/Data restore
Data Back up EEPROM
Chip type
Read data
Write data

Or Data restore EEPROM
Load data

Connect replace tacho
Choose vehicle program
Enter KM value and confirm entry
Programming operation completed




Ford Mondeo HCS 12

Plug 48

Dismantle Tachometer
Dissemble Tachometer
Identify Processor
As shown solder the colored cables of Plug 48 to the suitable points

Connect DigiProg to separate electricity supply
Urgently necessarily
Connect DigiProg3 with the plug
Follow the instruction of the digiprog III v4.94
Choose program: PKW/LKW-Ford-Modeo-HCS12
Save and load data (same procedure as 1st instruction)





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