MB Star Diagnostic Tool Comparison: Super MB Pro M6 vs. C4 vs. C6

Do not know how to choose MB Star Diagnostic Tool? Here we have picked out 4 to make a comparison. Let’s find what are the differences between them.

Super MB Pro M6 vs. MB SD C4 Plus vs. SD Connect C4 vs. OEM MB C6


Super MB Pro M6

MB SD C4 Plus/ SD Connect C4 Plus

SD Connect C4


Image Super MB Pro M6 MB SD C4 Plus/ SD Connect C4 Plus SD Connect C4 OEM MB C6
Diagnosis Full System
Online Program
Offline Program ×
Brush To Hide
Maintenance Service
Vediamo ×
DTS Monaco
Star Finder
Doip ×
Truck/ BUS Portion
Firmware Update √ (Need to install batteries)
Wire Direct connection Direct connection Point to point Direct connection
Wireless LAN LAN LAN LAN/USB cable
Software Version 2021.06 2021.06 2021.06 2021.06
Hardware Version OS:2.3, CSD:2.11 OS:2.3, CSD:2.11 OS:2.3, CSD:2.11 1.84
Heat Dissipation Heat sink + fan Heat sink × ×
Software Language(Can switch directly) English/ Bulgarian/ Danish/ Greek/ Spanish/ French/ Italian/ Korean/ Polish/ Romanian/ Serbo-Croatian/ Turkish/ Czech/ German /Finnish/ Hungarian/ Japanese/ Dutch/ Portuguese/ Russian/ Swedish/ Chinese


According to the form, both Super MB Pro M6 & MB SD C4 Plus support all functions while the others do not support. Among them, the heat dissipation of M6 is better than C4 Plus, but its price is cheaper.



Either Super MB Pro M6 or MB SD C4 Plus is the most multifunctional MB Star diagnostic tool than others.

Super MB Pro M6 has the same functions as MB SD C4 Plus, but with a better price. It can be a perfect alternative of MB SD C4 Plus.


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