Citroen Diagbox make a forced regeneration FAQ

Car model: Citroen C4 Picasso 2l HDI. over 250,000 km long and the engine has been changed.
I have already cleaned the fap with Diagbox and rinse with water. Before I did not have this smoke so I do not find it normal.

Wanting to try to make a forced regeneration (smoke problem at startup), diag-box tells me that the sub-function is not supported.
However, I was careful to erase all the errors, I have to respect the conditions (T °, 1/4 of full etc …).
The error is that it is in regeneration when stopped or while driving.
Yet I seem to have already realized before without particular problems.
Whenever I look in the standard settings I see that the car is in regeneration mode and I feel that it is blocked.
On the same page at the bottom it tells me that regeneration is impossible.
I specify that I have no messages to the ODB.
1. Question: if I change the FAP will it solve my problem?

Answer: Diagbox gives you wine at the launch of this one.

2. Question: Yes the wine is ok and I manage to do a complete diag except at the level of the regeneration of the FAP.

Have you solved your problem of fap with your diagbox.
when you go in parameters you can see the state of charge of the filter, the number of km traveled since the last regeneration, the average between each regeneration etc …
me I have a 407 1.6 hdi fap of 2007 200000km and I raised the following values 250 km since the last regeneration average between 2 regenerations 550 km, load of the filter 35 g volume cerine remaining 2200cc
you can also look at the differential pressure of your fap which must be as low as possible, the higher it is the more the filter is clogged and can be good to change.
have a good day
and good diag

3. Question: I have not yet solved mob problem because I told the diagbox that I had change the fap and apparently if it is new we cannot make reign. I’ll have to wait about 550km to make one because it’s my average. The diag tells me that the fap is not dirty.
In principle, we do not make forced regeneration on a new fap since it is not dirty, the computer knows how to do it alone and at the right time.
we force the regen when we are in degraded mode. now it will happen automatically.
to the fact how it was your fap, really stuffy or it was still happening, when it’s clogged you can see it at the differential pressure that goes up a lot. If we measure with diagbox before dismounting obviously
so it rolls that’s what counts.

Hope it helps.

Diagbox 8.3 (tested version) is available:

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