Cheap mongoose SDD Windows 10/8/7/XP

Cheap mongoose SDD Windows 10/8/7/XP using experience for sharing.

1. Cheap mongoose Windows 10
I have 1.38 working on win 10 pro. I set aside a 30 gb partition and can dual boot to SDD or my personal Win 10. Just make sure date is set in early 2012 and disable all network adapters

Found this working download link to the above Jaguar IDS to SDD Manual

Added: need to set the date to 08/08/2008 or similar. Opa (poster of ) wrote a batch file called ‘date.bat’ to load before using JLR.
I copied this to my Startup folder as the old laptop is for JLR only.
To create the batch file in Notepad, type:

DATE 08-08-12

save file as date.bat to desktop and move/copy it to the Startup folder.

Whenever the laptop is switched on, the batch file is loaded and the date is reset to that in the batch file (needs to be before 2012).

My laptop doesn’t have wireless connection, so connecting to the net is not a problem, but if yours does you may have to reinstall the program.

2. Cheap mongoose SDD Windows 7 32bit
It will also install on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. Note it must be the 32-bit version. There are also other caveats of setting the date on boot every time and never connecting the laptop to the internet. Basically this should ideally be installed on an old laptop that has no other function.

Mine worked with today’s date just don’t be logged onto the internet with the computer.
I always have the laptop on charge and the car as well.

3. cheap mongoose Windows XP
Cheers for the tips guys. I’ve found an old hard disk for my laptop so I’ve done a new XP Pro install. I’ll add the Mongoose v1.3 software in a bit then get the cable when I get back from my travels.

Be very careful using old hard drives… you don’t want it to pack up with errors whilst you’re in the middle of doing something on your car. Would recommend performing full disk scans before you fully trust it.

I have a link to a mangoose / mongoose cable seller

they supply one for £31.99

SDD version: V157

Also lots of installation guide videos on YouTube:

SDD V157 installation on WIN7


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