CGDI Prog BMW 3 authorizations are free (No cheat)

News! These CGDI PROG BMW programmer 3 authorizations are free now including BMW EGS ISN, BMW CAS Mileage Reset, BMW F Series Coding.

Look here:
1. BMW EGS ISN: Free
Video: How to use CGDI PROG BMW to clear and synchronize EGS ISN?

2. BMW CAS Mileage Reset: Free
With this authorization, you can change mileage on BMW CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+ CAS3++ via OBD.

3. BMW F Series Coding: Free
Post: CGDI PROG BMW F series coding guide



No need to pay any more: When you receive CGDI BMW, just login the official site to download the newest software to download, and you will find these 3 authorizations are included.

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