CGDI MB Mercedes Benz Key Programmer FAQ (Most Comprehensive)

I’d like to put together all of CGDI MB Mercedes Benz Key Programmer Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Where to purchase CGDI MB tokens?
A: Buy token here:

Subscription A: Two free tokens each day valid for 180 days. When license gets expired, please pay to Token Service 180 Days for CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer.
After you pay for it, it can calculate online two times free each day again.

Subscription B: One free token each day all the time. It won’t get expired anymore. And if you want more tokens, one token will cost 4usd. Please pay for
One Token for CGDI Prog MB. You can calculate 4 times at most each day. Besides if you have CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Device and CGDI BMW MSV80 key programmer,
please pass us serial number to bundle them together, one device serial number can have one more token free each day.

Q: How calculate the password from w210 ezs with out key lost all key or not supported lost key ?
A: please read the instructions from the tool, need online tokens.

CGDI Prog MB Latest Update Information:

CG-MB Benz Monster V2.7.2.0 2018.09.20)
1. Fixed the problem that read EIS failed when 209/211 collection with key.
2. Fixed the problem that 209 sync ELV and 169 write ELV display is not clear.
3. Fixed the problem that the K-line EIS is enabled successfully, but the display fails.

CG-MB BenzMonster V2.7.1.0 (2018.09.08)
1. Added function: read FBS4 gearbox basic information
2. Fixed the problem that partial device upload data validation failed

CG-MB Benz Monster V2.7.0.0 NEW(2018.08.06)
1. Add 169 ELV erase and write function;
2. Add check EIS status function;

Q: what Mercedes Benz models can CGDI MB work with?
A: Please read this post on CGDI MB reviews:

Q: Can CGDI MB support all keys lost?
A: Yes
– test all keys lost on w164 need gateway.
– Tested w212 ALL KEY LOST !!! In car, done by OBD
Work really good!
W212 is from 2012
Read ezs About 30mins
Upload data
Password given
Read eis info
Paste key password
Then key calculation
– CGDI MB tool works good to do W207 W204 lost keys on bench.
W204 get data: About hour
PSW W204: 11minute all key lost in bench with VVDI cable
had VVDI and CGDI,CGDI is faster and no problem to get PSW:
W203 with W209 EZS all keys lost, done in the car about 70mn: Successful.
– Calculation PSW always the first time, never fail.
-Plug USB to computer, software recognizes at once. So I take 2 used BE key put in and read. Software say need 12V.
So I plug 12V and read and reset to unused quickly. Will test on bench W209 as key lost later.
and more……

– W639 super good work and super fast tested by myself on two vito 2005 and 2006

– Gateway flash/eep r/w and mileage change work only when you have other CG device.

Q: Can CGDI MB tool unlock Mercedes keys to be reused?
A: This type of MB ori keys can be unlock with adapter:

BE type china key unlock with IR.

Q: can somebody help me with my question… when built in a second hand ecu… from another came, same HW and SW… example edc16 or ME9.7…. can i adapt it through obd..?
A: Mate this tool is not made for this job. It is a good tool ( i think, i dont have it ) but for MB key making-repairing, read-write eis-ezs and jobs like this. I dont think it is good tool for reading-replacing ecus even if it has this function in SW.

Q: need to know more info about yellow cable, its to kline but where to connect it when using obdII and when using on bdm?
A: When using OBD, need disconnect ESL connector and look for Kline pin to connect Yellow clip
When using on bench: look for EZS-ELV wiring and plug the clip to kline pin

Kline-connect W204-All-Key-Lost-on-Bench-Kline-Connect

Q: what about mileage correction (reset to 0)? vvdi vs cgdi
A: CGDI can show mileage from EZS, new software come out, updated


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