Can Yanhua Mini ACDP Program BMW DME/CAS Replacement?

The answer is yes. Both BMW DME and CAS module replacement are supported to be programmed via Yanhua Mini ACDP.

How to program BMW DEM replacement?
Hi, I have a 2008 BMW 328i. I need to replace DME with used DME. Can Mini ACDP do this via OBD2? Or should I remove DME or CAS from the vehicle?

Yes. Mini ACDP Master BMW is able to read and write CAS ISN for DME replacement via OBD directly. No need to remove the module.

Path as below:
OBD mode >> Read/Write CAS ISN(replace DME)
Here is allowed to identify CAS info, downgrade CAS programming, replace DEM of 32-bit ISN, replace DME of 4-bit ISN, read EGS-ISN/DME-ISN/CAS-ISN, write EGS-ISN/DME-ISN/CAS-ISN, reset CAS system.

Just follow the “Help” on the right side for programming.

How to program BMW CAS replacement?
Can Mini ACDP backup data from the old CAS3 and write to the new CAS3 module?

Yes. Mini ACDP BMW is able to read/write EEPROM & FLASH on bench. The CAS3 module should be disassembled.

Go to “Read/write CAS data”, here you can perform read EEPROM & FLASH from old CAS3, then write EEPROM & FLASH to new CAS3. Just follow the Help.

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