Can Visfed Revolation clear DPF and SCR on American Volvo?

The answer is as long as the Volvo Truck is EURO 2/3/4/5 trucks, Visfed Revolation is able to clear DPF and SCR.

I screenshot the dialogue between the engineer and me:
Q: Does the Volvo visfed revolation tech2 professional 2019 come with files to delete USA Trucks? Version?
A: Yes, Volvo VN, Mack, Ud trucks. Also remove DPF, EGR, adblue, nox…

Q: So it can support USA truck? the software version is 2019
A: Visfed tech2 works euro2/3/4/5 trucks.
Don’t work Euro 6 trucks.
Euro 6 trucks for version 3/4, another software visfed pro plus.

volvo visfed

volvo visfed-supports-euro-2-3-4-5

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