BMW E9X RDC Module coding with NCSexpert and D-can cable

BMW E90/ E92 /E93 RDC Module does need to be set to the car when replaced and can be done with NCSexpert and D-can cable.

If you have a RDC module go bad and just swap the module for a new one, the car will not communicate with the module and stay deactivated with the warnings on the dash and if you have it, in the CIC.
when you replace the module NCSexpert will not be able to communicate with it.

You must do a SG-Reset and then the car will be able to communicate with it. Once the Module (SG-reset) is initialized you will be able to reset the TPMS/RDC in the CIC or on the OBC and read the module in NCSexpert. Once reset, start to drive and the car will initialize the module and after a short drive (2 blocks for me) the OBC/CIC will give the check tire pressure message and allow a full reset of the TPMS system.

Next are questions and answers:
Q1: More guidance on what module you reset in NCS expert
A1: The RDC module needs to be reset using “SG-RESET”. it will then be readable with NCSexpert.

Q2: I too am plagued with TPMS Inactive message on my 2011 335, upon removal of the original RDC module (located behind the rear passenger wheel) it sounded like there was something inside the module so I bought a new module – it is the latest part number available (not the same as I removed.)

I am a total noob to NCSexpert – I just bought the cable on and it came with a software CD. I only have 2 profiles Dummy and Default. Can you provide instructions on how to get the new module programmed/coded to make my car happy?

A2: First, get your tools all setup following the guide below.
Once they are set up, use expert mode profile to reset the non responsive module.

Q2 (01): That was definitely a hurdle!

I have tried SG-Reset on the RDC module, still have the TPMS Inactive message.

Any other ideas?

Everything in INPA is listed as OKAY:
UIF – the following do not have VIN numbers: 01 MRS, 17 EKP, 19 VGSG, 29 DSC, 36 TEL/MULF, 56 FZD – is that normal?
EM – all modules OK with the following stored errors: 20 RDC – 604D E0, 72 FRM – 9CB5 22

Does that mean anything to anybody?
A2 (01): Are you able to read the RDC module in NCSexpert? If not, the reset did not take and you may have an issue with the expert profile.

Finally! GOT IT FIXED!

I was able to read the RDC module, a SG-RESET on it did not work.

I ended up doing a factory reset on the module by using the manipulation profile and an empty MAN file. As soon as I did that TPMS activated and is working perfectly!

Q3: I am having an issue coding my new module as I was having a TPM light as well.

I checked RDC module in INPA and was getting error messages indicating all four corners were unreadable as well as a general RDC module error. I was also getting many “failure to connect to module” errors. I was thinking the RDC module was probably dead (172,000 miles) and I purchased a junkyard RDC module on eBay to replace mine and swapped it in.

However, now I am having issues coding it as I am trying to do a SG_Reset as you did. However, my RDC module is NOT showing up in the ECU list in NCSExpert. So I am unable to select the module to reset it. When I check the module in INPA, I can read it and check errors, but it is still not reading tire pressure sensors and I still have a TPM light.

Can someone tell me if these are the right steps and why the RDC is not showing up in my ECU menu? I am going to try updating the Daten files tonight, but I got the BMW tools package from
and am under the impression that their NCSExpert package already has the v60.1 Daten files?

1. Load NCSExpert.
2. Load Profile and select Expertmode
3. F1 (VIN/ZCS/FA)
4. F3 (ZCS/FA f .ECU)
5. Choose E60
6. Select CAS
7. F6 (BACK)
8. F4 (Process ECU)
9. Select the RDC Module to revert to stock (RDC NOT SHOWING UP)
10. F2->Choose “SG_Reset->ok

A3: Sounds like you have a bad RDC module. Also what car do you have?
For an e90 select e89.

Feedback 3:
TPMS RDC Module Factory Reset for E90 – Method that Works!
TPMS RDC Module Factory Reset for E90 using NCSExpert – Method that works!

I replaced the malfunctioning TPMS antenna (“RDC Control Unit”) located behind the passenger side rear wheel by removing the little skirt from the underside of the car. The OEM part that I purchased for my car – 2011 BMW 328i xDrive – was part number 36106868194. This is the correct OEM number for the “new” version of this part. It costs about $300.

I created the NCSExpert “coding” profile by following this procedure:
Then I edited this profile and created a “resetting” profile by disabling the “FSW-/PSW- Manipulate with FSW_PSW.MAN” button as described in the first part of the instructions appended in the link below. Then I did a factory reset on the RDC module (appears as RDCLC in my ECU list) following again the steps described in the instructions from the link below.
The link will download a pdf file directly to your computer – you can also find this link directly by doing a Google search on “Resetting and Coding ALC Modules – Bimmerfest”.

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