Best ECU flashing Interface for beginner?

What interface do your recommend for reading and flashing? I think you are looking for the real users reviews, hope to hear what is their experience to the specific ECU tuning tools.

Review 1:
I prefer MPPS because it can do checksum calculations for many of the cars it can flash, and the software is a bit better.
I ordered from this site, I tested it’s good quality:

Review 2:
I was a complete beginner when I ordered the MPPS 13.02 cable and downloaded the EDC15 suite. After reading the tuning guides, I had no trouble hitting the ground running. To be fair, I’m pretty IT savy, and I have a laptop dedicated for car diagnostics running windows xp. If there’s one suggestion, its to read your ECU on the slowest setting (recovery mode) and save it in the cloud (emailing it to yourself works), because I had a HD crash, and lost a virgin file. . .
For win10, I don’t know if it can work, for me it doesn’t really make a difference. I have an old dell D610 with a serial port so I can run INPA with the packman connector for my BMWs, so it just makes since to install the VW software on this computer too. Also, since I don’t access the web on this computer, there’s less chance for viruses.

Review 3:
I use a clone MPPS v13, but I suppose the point I was trying to carry across was that you will probably not get any support on it.I run MPPS on Windows 8.1 64-bit just fine, so Windows 10 will work. You might have to use compatibility mode if you run into issues.
If you do run into comparability issues with a clone interface, I am able to elaborate on the “compatibility mode”, please refer to

I’m also re-building a clone FGTech Galletto Master 4 V54 to play with. The Chinese clones may have a few mistakes on the pcb, so with some help, it can become a truer clone.

Just expect a lot of DIY with these devices. For me that’s the fun part. Electronics do not scare me.
After reading the reviews and suggestions:
Finally, bought one MPPS V13, at the beginning I have problem to install the driver. Finally I sorted it, Was able to download the software and run it in compatibility mode, install the drivers, and read out my stock tune!
I just noticed it does that on mine ONLY when I do not have the cable connected. Check your drivers for the cable. The cable MUST be connected to PC when you run the program.

Have been playing with the tune for a little while now and the car is running great. Still have a boost spike to smooth out but really happy with it at this point (will keep messing with it though ).

The only problem that I have run into is the clutch kicks free at peak torque. Looks like it is about time for a clutch.

This is the tune that i have been running vs the stock tune. I have another tune that i have been working on as well but didn’t run it on the dyno since it should make more power and the clutch wasn’t holding.


This is the same run but showing AFR as well. Again, the graph looks a little funny where the clutch kicks free.


“mg” and pump voltage meaning:
That was 51mg and 4.4v. My other tune is 4.8v with a couple of degrees more timing. Was curious to see how much of a difference there was between the two, but I will have to wait for that.

Thanks for the friend’s recommendation on the clutch. I am thinking about doing the DLC1019s at some point. There is actually a new SB stage 2 endurance clutch on the shelf about 40 feet from the dyno which is really tempting me. Don’t want to part with the cash right now though!

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