Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS TPMS Relearn Tool Review

Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS is more than a simply diagnostic scanner, but also a professional TPMS relearn tool. How does the tool work? Let’s listen to the real voice from customers.

John Velarde review
I bought the Autel MK808TS scanner to program TPMS sensors for each time I changed tires. It is also a nice scan tool and code reader. I just programmed new TPMS sensor IDs to my Toyota less than 2 minutes. Worth every penny.
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Ray A. review
MK808TS scan tool had accurately found an ABS problem on my 2011 Jeep JK last week. So that I can order and replace the sensor in time, now it is on the trail again. It is an excellent TPMS must have tool for mechanics.
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PWK review
Autel MK808TS has a nice touch screen and browser, supports a wide range of cars. I also like the TPMS function and wireless connection. If you need TPMS relearn system along with reading live data, MK808TS would be a good option.
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Kim review
I have used MK808TS scanner on many different trucks, so far it is pretty well. It allows me to see power balance and key codes on Ford and Mazda, supports to do balance rate and injector cut off test on 2012 Cummins. It can also transfer case codes, injector balance rate, read transmission code and change tires size. I am very happy, it does work more than expected.
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Jaward review
I bought MK808TS together with 4 Autel MX-Sensors including 315MHz and 433 MHz. I have used it to replace the sensors and tire bead successfully. I can now read codes of TPMS with the device. It allows me to repair in time and avoid more serious problems. What makes me happy is that I can use it to activate new TPMS sensors even if there were some problems or the sensors had to be replaced. I don’t need to buy another code reader because it supports read and clear codes for all systems as well. Awesome worth buying.
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Joe S review
I was impressed with a cool case including all adapters and wires inside. So far, MK808TS is good, and easy to use. I can use it to read codes from one of my faulty vehicles. Would recommend.
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Boozle Doof review
I have to say, Autel MK808TS helped me a lot. I bought it because it can program TPMS sensors. It worked flawlessly to program new genuine Honda TPMS on my 2012 Civic. I also use the scanner to reset a SRS light on a VW in 5 minutes. It is quite easy and efficient.
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Zach Review
I bought this Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS tool because I had changed the TPMS in four tires for a 09 Toyota Tundra. They can’t be reprogrammed. Every tire shop charged me a very high price for the problem. So I bought it to do myself. The MK808TS came out to be more helpful than I thought. My tire sensors are all good, only the sensor antenna receiver was bad. It takes only 3-5 minutes to save me much money, thanks Autel!

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