Autel APB112 + IM100 done 2017 Toyota Highlander proximity key AKL

Succeeded: with Autel APB112 smart key simulator. With IM-100 took less than 5 minutes on a 2017 Toyota Highlander, proximity key. All Keys Lost. Was Fast & Easy. No need for the XP 400.

Quick steps review:
Open vehicle
Wake up computer
Turn on flashers
Connect by OBD-II, and connect to Internet.
Locate vehicle on tool, Backup eeprom data, and save file.
Re-inter tool, and generate simulator.
Test if ignition turns on.
Re-inter tool, go to Add key, by APB112, yes!
Use simulator to start process, add key.
Job done.
Very Nice tool.

Images mean a lot:
autel-apb112-done-2017-toyota-highlander-proximity-key-01 autel-apb112-done-2017-toyota-highlander-proximity-key-02 autel-apb112-done-2017-toyota-highlander-proximity-key-03

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