Audi A8 2007 lost key: done by VVDI2 or AVDI? KD remote needed?

Audi A8 2007 Lost key, 4E to look at
its 3 lit. diesel, the car has prox
function but has normal ignition

Tools to use and test results:
AVDI: Don’t know if avdi can do it, probably yes.
VVDI2: Yes
KD remote: Can be used

Experience with VVDI2 + KD remote:
Kd remotes can be used.
You need to remove kessy module. should be on driver side under mats.
Read eeprom and make dealer key with 7th byte and learn it.
I used Xhorse vvdi2.

A question that comes with it is:
Is the original key and remote are integrated? ie id 46 remote get programmed at the same time? or is it a manual procedure?

The answer is:
Yes, is id46 in circuit.
Remote will program automatically.
I used touareg key, worked well.
I’m not sure if all a8 are keyless but the one I’ve done had ignition too.
Ignition will turn on and start when pressing the brake pedal.
Keyless keys 4e are very hard to find. did not found on eBay or China.

In KD app..
Go in “vw Skoda seat”. you will find a8, touareg, Phaeton..
Also you can try Touareg 433 nb multifunction.

One last question:
on right hand drive cars like in uk, is kessy still under the driver seat?

The answer is:
It’s On passenger side..
Just have to remove 4 bolts from the seat.5mins job..


Credits to @ comizelu (DK forum)

Credits to Laurance for collection.

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