9 Highlights of GODIAG GT100 OBD2 Break Out Box

GODIAG GT100 OBD2 Break Out Box is a new ECU connector and protocol communication detection device, which is convenient for technicians to connect with ECU module separately for diagnostic programming and coding. It can also be used to detect whether the diagnostic programming or decoding device can send the communication signal normally.

What highlights does GODIAG GT100 auto tool have?

1. Diagnostic device detection
When connecting with GODIAG GT100, the diagnostic device will emit communication signals after vehicle model and function was selected. The protocol indicator on GODIAG GT100 flashes, if not, it means there was something problem or damage in diagnostic device connection.
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2. Communication status display
Connect GODIAG GT100 to OBD port of vehicle and turn on its power switch, the vehicle battery voltage will be displayed. The protocol indicator on GODIAG GT100 will flash when connecting with additional diagnostic device, which is convenient to observe the status and communication protocol of current vehicle.
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3. Fast connection with single module and diagnostic device.
GODIAG GT100 can quickly connect to single ECU module for communication and programming with diagnostic device. Technicians is allowed to finish work in office, no need to test in car in case any possibilities of data losing from other modules.
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4. Multiple car ECU modules connection
It is designed for technicians those require to connect with multiple ECU modules when programming, such as key programming.
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5. Continuous power supply when battery replace
Connect with GODIAG GT100 via OBD before battery replace, which can give continuous power supply for ECU to avoid failure or remote data losing of specific cars due to this reason.
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6. Diagnostic wire was extended to 1.2 meters
1.2 meters length wire solves the troubles of diagnostic wire was too short, or vehicle interface was too narrow for connection.
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7. Banana plug jump can connect with OBD1 interface
GODIAG GT100 supports to convert OBD1 interface to standard OBD2 interface via connecting with banana plug and jump wire, which provides convenience for OBD1 vehicles’ diagnosis.
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8. Special truck interface convert to standard OBD2
GODIAG GT100 also supports to convert special truck interface to standard OBD2 truck interface via protocol.
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9. BMW CAS4 special connection wire
GODIAG GT100 is a BMW CAS4 adapter test platform as well, which can detect programmed keys and CAS4 normal work.
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Even though GODIAG GT100 ECU Connector is already with such features, GODIAG engineers are working for developing more functions, such as specific Benz EIS connector, ESL connector, IMMO matching wires, … etc.

More information to be updated…


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