4 Best OBD2 Scanners Comparison & Recommendation 2022

Obd2shop have picked out 4 best OBD2 scanners in 2022 to make a comparison. Code readers includes Vident iEasy 310Pro, Thinkcar OBD500, CGSULITSC301 and Police Strength OBD2 Scanner. Here we go to make out the differences & similarities between them.

4 Best OBDII Scanners Comparison

Item Vident iEasy 310Pro Thinkcar OBD500 CGSULITSC301 Police Strength OBD2 Scanner
Image 4-Best-OBD2-Scanners-Comparison-Recommendation-2022-(1) 4-Best-OBD2-Scanners-Comparison-Recommendation-2022-(2) 4-Best-OBD2-Scanners-Comparison-Recommendation-2022-(3) 4-Best-OBD2-Scanners-Comparison-Recommendation-2022-(4)
Price $44.99 $45.95 $58.99 $39.99
Power Source OBD2 Interface OBD2 Interface OBD2 Interface Battery Powered
Appearance Blue, red, gray Black Black, gray Gray
Dimensions 5.9 x 3.5 x 1.3inches 9.45 x 4.33 x 3.15 inches 6.3 x 2.9 x 1 inches 6.1 x 3.35 x 0.98 inches
Weight 13.1oz 15.8oz 13.1oz 10.2oz
Vehicle Coverage Almost 1996 + and newer cars Almost 1996 + and newer cars Almost 2001 + and newer cars Almost 1996 + and newer cars
System Diagnosis Engine Engine Engine Engine
OBDII/EOBD Function Modes 11 modes 10 modes 10 modes 10 modes
Read & Erase Codes
One Button I/M
DTC Lookup
Maintenance Guidance × × ×
Data Print
Live Data
Freeze Frame
On-Board Monitor Test ×
Component Test × ×
Unit of Measure × × ×
Vehicle Info
Modules Present × ×
Multi-Language 11 languages 7 languages 10 languages 8 languages
3 Colors LED Light Indicator ×
Customize Boot Interface × × ×
Test Battery × ×
Update Lifetime free Lifetime free Lifetime free Lifetime free

 Price
Police Strength<Vident iEasy 310Pro<Thinkcar OBD500<CGSULITSC301

 Parameter
1. Vident iEasy 310Pro, Thinkcar OBD500, CGSULITSC301 are not battery required, charged directly from OBDII port.
Police Strength needs a battery for charging.

2. Vident iEasy 310Pro has 3 colors for choice while CGSULIT has 2 colors and the others only have one.

3. Dimensions & Weight:
Police Strength<Vident iEasy 310Pro≈CGSULITSC301<Thinkcar OBD500

 Functions
Police Strength<Thinkcar OBD500<CGSULITSC301<Vident iEasy 310Pro
1. Only Vident iEasy 310Pro supports maintenance guidance, unit of measure & customized boot interface while others do not.
2. Vident iEasy 310Pro has 11 Modes of OBDII/EOBD function while others have only 10 modes.
3. Both Vident iEasy 310Pro&CGSULITSC301 support modules present while others do not.
4. Vident iEasy 310Pro, CGSULITSC301 support component test while others do not.
5. Vident iEasy 310Pro, Police Strength support test battery while others do not.

1. All support to diagnose Engine system
2. All support read & erase codes, one button i/m, DTC lookup, data print, live data, freeze frame, check vehicle information.
3. All support muti-language.
4. All support lifetime free update.
5. All are handheld devices, and easy to carry.

On the whole, Vident iEasy 310Pro OBDII Scanner is the most cost-effective code reader among them. It covers almost the functions, with most languages supported. Meanwhile, it’s light, compact with 3-colors for choice. In terms of price, it’s affordable and competitive.

Although, Police Strength is the cheapest but it has very fewer features than others.

Therefore, Vident iEasy 310Pro is a good-value OBDII scan tool we’ll most recommend.


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