2006 e90 all keys lost, solved by Xprog and Tango (Quoted)

(Quoted) I’ve bought a damaged BMW with no keys at all. I would like someone close to Chesterfield to either come and sort me a key out or I can remove the cas3 eeprom and send the dump out and someone supply a key and add it to the dump and mail me the key + email the dump. Write it back to the eeprom and hopefully that should be it????
is this possible?
I have ordered the tools to do it myself as I like to have tools in my box in case I ever need them again.
Ive ordered FTDI 2018 and tango programmer.
i also have x-prog m, upa programmer, zen bull qx (clone),kess v2 and k-tag, ft-tech v54, mpps, car prog 9.??? All of which are Chinese clones.
I kmow the x-prog can pull the dump from eeprom. But I got nothing to read the key and add it to the dump.
Anyone can help me out and give me a price. I will worry about getting a lock decoded and a blade cut at a later date.

If you have Xprog and Tango you can do this job. And you don’t need to write back dump with new key unless you write new key on already used position (write on unused and don’t write back, just ignore message about writing back in this case – car will start 100%).

Which Xprog can work?
V5.84 X-PROG with 2019 software is good solution
Here image
src: http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/latest-xprog-m-v584-with-usb-dongle.html

And also original Tango

src: http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/original-tango-key-programmer-with-basic-software-obd2-transponder-programmer-1309.html

Finally: YES
100% correct took 5 mins to get cas unit out, wiring diagrams on xprog was rubbish so took 15mins looking for good wiring diagrams (found on vvdi prog) 5 mins to read cas flash and used tango to program key. Never wrote it back as it said i only had to write back to flash if it was keyless.
Ive not looked at old threads for a while so thank you for the replies.

Im hoping to do this for a job so i do read as much info as possible as it all sinks in eventually.

I put read flash but meant read flash and eeprom although only needed eeprom to code the key cheers.


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