2.24GB! ECU software collection of immo, dash calibration, radio codes etc

Topic: share a collection (2,5GB) of software of all kind (ECM titanium, immo, radios, dash calibration, etc).

password: UTDEKhZJcDOjYs7mvCOtkhPrDC_QVqxXFBdoa9q0KIQ

Please use it at your own risk, since I have not to scan them for any kind of viruses/malware etc – I share them exactly as I bought them, in the same original .rar that I got them.

if you get a message saying to download MEGA APP due to not sufficient cache memory, try to download with chrome..!

Here is the list of the software inside the rar, for anyone who wants to see…
Contents 1 Contents 2 Contents 3 Contents 4

Big thanks to @reselie (a member of digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/)

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