When to Set IP Address For MB SD C4 WIFI Connection

Here is obd2shop.co.uk share discussion and solutions of the MB SD connect C4 wired connection issues when customer using, which are all solved by IP address setup.

 Situation 1
Device using :

MB off-line programming package (2012.11 SD C4 with Dell D630 laptop).

It initially worked out of the box. Now the SD C4 multiplexer is not communicating with car. It shows that it’s ok on the computer screen in SD net control but the multiplexer says not in use on the display. Local wired connection setting is connected, but having no luck.

Solution way suggest by obd2shop.co.uk engineers:
Figured out issue. Multiplexer lost local connection IP address. All ok now

Situation 2
Device Using:
MB SD c4 from China

getting hard time to connect network. when I connect cable to the internet my network card light up and connecting to the internet. But when i connect SD connect it says network cable unplugged. and no lights from back of laptop from network card. And when i connect C4 to other laptop network is working and connecting fine. I don’t know what else to check.
Solution way suggest by obd2shop.co.uk engineers:
Read Diesel Benz info above. Then to set your IP in Windows XP network connections first, in order to connect to your SD by wire. The same applies to wireless connection. SDconnect is using Static IP addresses; hence, you need to change that.

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