Volvo Vida dice is a must-have for those who wrench on 2002 V70XC

Story starts with a newbie question “I plan to keep my 2002 V70XC running in as good condition as I can I will need to invest in a code reading device i.e Vida dice…” then followed with two questions, one is where is good place to have one Vida dice clone“, another one is “which one is better? since there seems to be 2 kinds there for Volvo, one is VADIS another one is Vida dice.”

Next, let’s out of the story to answer the above questions:
You will definitely want Vida. The software is usually included on a disk if you buy a knockoff dice unit. Vida is pretty finicky with compatibility when it comes to machines/software it will run on. It will absolutely not run on a smartphone (unless you are savoy enough to have a virtual machine running on a jailbroken android device) and will only run with professional versions of Windows software. Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Professional, etc.
So if the machine you have has Windows Professional installed you have enough free disk space and memory, have the correct Internet Explorer version and .NET Framework versions, you should have success.

If that sounds like a hassle, could provide installation video & remote assistance, so you don’t have to worry about it. All you have to do is buy a Dice unit, install easily and plug it into your car, plug the other end into the laptop, and you are off and running.

Also have a few laptops for sale with the Vida software preinstalled here:, once a customer bought one.

Pretty sure it isn’t fast enough or have enough memory
Vida 2014d requires 2gb ram minimum. It would not load on any of my machines until they had at least 2gb.
Vida 2014 requires 7 pro, earlier versions (~2013) work on XP pro. (some might have gotten it to work in virtual machines)
Illegal copy (“knockoff”) of VIDA will not update software, and the new VIDA used since 2015 is a totally different on-line program.

Vida installation tips:
1. Run the
CD-ROM ,<\Install\DVD\Vida_dvdheader\Main\setup.exe>,Choose the languages:[EN-GB…], install it to list, till all installations finished ,
then restart the computer.
2. After restarted, once the service icon(The bottom of the right corner) is available(VIDA Status: Running) , and choose the below cracked executing documents [VIDA2014A_patch.EXE], install it to list, then retart the computer.
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Someone feedback he has been running this setup for ‘05 XC for the past 5 years and with my V70R for the past 1+ year without no issues. One example of what this software/laptop combo can do whereas a normal code reader may not be able to do is diagnose a faulty fuel pressure sensor which I was able to do on my XC a couple of years ago. Symptoms are while cruising at highway speeds, the car would sometimes lose power for a few seconds and then pick back up. Oddly enough, this does not trip the check engine light. So I plugged in the car to Vida/Dice and sure enough there were the codes.
Vida pretty much a must-have for those who wrench on their own cars.
Good luck!


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