VIDA 2015A download and install: tested working with Volvo Dice

VIDA 2015A, with one USB dongle and software, is tested working with Volvo Dice diagnostic tool. I can’t help share VIDA 2015A software free download and installation guide.

VIDA 2015A software Free download:!QBBXUKqR!tppkQSAg_9QSapNLXC3kVTJSAlJPvLNgjDaLKdicK6Q



Please read:
1. only with the special dongle can VIDA 2015A run with Volvo dice device.


2. VIDA 2015A is running with Volvo dice interface, like this one

VIDA 2015A new release:
Vida 2015A adds some car models until 2018 / 2019, most to the 2017 year.
free-download-vida-2015a-05 free-download-vida-2015a-06

VIDA 2015A setup for Volvo dice:
1. Computer requirements:
1). It requires i5 or above and the CPU memory 4gb or more
2). It needs to be Internet Explorer 11
3). The software must install on C:// which needs 60GB space or more
2. The software must be copied to the computer. 【If you run the software directly on the CD, the installation may not be successful. 】
3. You must insert usbkey when running the installation software or you cannot install it.
4. After installing the main software, you can’t restart the computer unless you have installed the patch.

VIDA 2015A setup video:


Link 2: Youtube video


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