VAS 5054A Diagnose Volkswagen Magotan Forward Gears and Reverse Gear can not Travel

Yesterday on Sunday, My friend Garage shop Repair a FAW-Volkswagen Magotan 1 .8TS car ,Here is what happened:


A FAW-Volkswagen Magotan 1 .8TS (cars, assembly OAM type 7-speed dry dual clutch transmission (DSG). Because the car forward gears and reverse gear can not travel, so I can drag it to the repair shop by rescue vehicles. As the owner of the car can not understand other fault information, we first vehicle diagnostic analysis.

We use special fault diagnostic Tool VAS 5054a tested, the 5054A read two fault codes in the transmission control unit, namely: 01855 P073F —- 1 block synchronization failure, accidental; 05927 P1727 —- transmission direction of travel can not be trusted, static. 01855 P073F DTCs which can be removed, and 05927 P1727 fault code is always not be deleted.

Sense as from the failure analysis, fault code appears first one can only influence the odd gears (1, 3, 5, 7-speed), and even stop or at least be available. The first two are the real cause fault codes before and after the vehicles are not the main reason for traveling, and this is a static fault code can not be deleted.

Several sets of data flow through that diagnostic information, you can get the wrong message are “86” and “172” in the “FID” database will be able to be found on the “86” and “172” explanations and solutions. The “86” refers to the first speed synchronization when power is too large, then the odd block close to the emergency operation mode to achieve an even stop the vehicle, the solution is “to replace the transmission assembly”, and “172” refers to the transmission with direction information distortion, the solution is “to replace the electromagnetically control unit J743.”

My Friend First stop on the 113 synchronous state information is checked to see whether there is 1/3 block synchronize catching situation, compared to several other synchronize flexibility is not the same. Then check the synchronize 1/3 stop above the magnet is not too much iron absorption, which affects the transmission control unit to monitor the synchronization position information. There is no problem after checking, try replacing the electromagnetically control unit J743.

Then The problem solved !

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