The reason why you need Foxwell NT510/NT520 Pro Scanner

Foxwell NT510/NT520 Pro is the most cost-effective professional scan tool of the industry.

It does not only include basic functions such as codes and live data, but also is capable of advanced functions such as actuation, adaptation, and programming.

Here are some customer feedbacks of NT510/NT520, they will tell you why you need the scanner:

Review 1:

Q: Would you say Foxwell NT510/NT520 is still worth buying?

A: Yes. It lets you control the brakes and various activators. It lets you reset the ECU’s “learned” fuel mapping.

It shows you most live data (not oil pressure!) and lets you erase ODB2 codes.

Maybe the used key that I bought simply doesn’t transmit properly or some such. I simply can’t confirm that the Foxwell can program key FOBs.

It did reprogram my EKA to something that I could remember, though.

Review 2:

Have just purchased the Foxwell NT520 PRO and downloaded the Porsche specific ap, and can confirm that I successfully disabled the active rear spoiler on my 997.2 (having previously installed the Flying Ducktail). Decided the lifted flying ducktail looked a bit extreme, although I didn’t notice any adverse handling in the lifted position.

Haven’t tried any other coding yet but this device saved a trip to the dealer to disable the rear spoiler lifting with PIWIS and on that basis alone paid for highly recommended.

Review 3:

After the autel Maxicheck also bought the Foxwell 520 pro for both a very reasonable price.

At the foxwell I have chosen the Fiat / Alfa / Lancia software to learn the injectors in my car.

At first it was not possible for my somewhat older model punto 1.3 multijet.

The Foxwell engineers in China solved this for me in two weeks and via an update to the Foxwell I could still teach my punto the injectors.

Find the guarantee/feedback and service of Elyza and Foxwell engineers perfectly and will definitely make further purchases at this site

To be continued…

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