Reviews! Difference between vas 6154 and vas 5054a

What and the difference between vas 6154 and vas 5054a? Read this article.

@ Alessiapia14 review:

The 5054a Bluetooth and the other memory wifi.

@ maximin review:

I believe that the 6154 is also made for the engineering version and is not compatible for carrying out Seat diagnostics.
You must use version 5054 with the appropriate software version but remain to confirm this information.

@ fractal007 review:

The 6154 works via mini usb and wifi cable with a long-range, both have the engineering mode.

@ son review

it works in secure usb but you need the special port of cf54 to be able to connect it. Or if not with the cable of the PT3G v2 which has him usb classic which goes on any pc.

@ ElTurco review

Personally between the ─░nfineon microcontroller of the 5054 and the stm32 of the 6154 the 5054 is much higher, but the 6154 in ori is better than the vas5054, too bad the 5054 does not support the J2534-2 protocol which would have made it the Passthru the least expensive.

@jerome110383 review:

Vas 5054a wired and Bluetooth Windows XP and Windows 7 still compatible with odis at present.

Vas6154 wired and wifi windows7 and 10 compatible with all vehicles in the group and ready for doip

@DreamerCC review

If you plan to buy a Chinese version of the cable, it is better to take a VAS5054 which is more reliable.
The VAS6154 is very recent and the copies are not yet at the top.

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