Possible to install the PIWIS3 on VCI-PT3G VAS6154a (original)?

Install the PIWIS3 on VCI-PT3G VAS6154a (original), you need:
VAS6154a (original): 1750usd (clone VAS6154 can work? No chance)
PIWIS3 software
pdu-api-3-0-6 (No idea where to get, pdu api 3.0.6 will only work with the engineering interface)

How to make vas 6154 act as pt3g to use with piwis 3:
Project PIWIS3 PT3G => VAS6154-Kolun a
look at below link when you take your right to use
1 have to have installed piwis 3 laptop.
2. install piwis 3 driver
3 put together vas6154 install the drivers for vas6154-piwis // attempt to update interface Flesch
, if you see 6154 as pt3g then it is ok if nevidi next step =>
4 separated you from laptop
5. Copy the desktop and install VAS 6154 driver // installation after installation tend to deteskopa the trash
6 interface connects you 6154
7 program you run driver
8 interface you see 6154
9 select USB. Save.
10 restart.
11 start driver program tach app (the first option above left) choose passthru> pt3g-3 piwis install seeks interface.
12 restart
13 Interface joints run driver VAS6154 seen as a passthru pt3g update memory device, check the USB version pt3g dal see you ok almost 6154.




Credits to @ ibi1961.

In fact:
You need:

a) the right firmware, because the piwis 3 will put his serial in the interface and the vas firmware has no facility to do this
b) you flash the interface with the right Porsche firmware recovery etc. flash with a programmer.

Look at Porsche PIWIS 3 DoIP VCI:


Diagnostic test: confirmed
Coding: confirmed
Programming: confirmed

Piwis Tester 3 Engineer Mode demonstration:


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