Porsche 996 window drops when the door opens, how to solve?

Car model and year: Porsche 996

I just replaced the DS door handle micro switch, the window drop-down micro switch and then the door window regulator. The window drops now when the door opens, stays down until the door closes, then goes up, so it’s working perfectly, except I get two beeps on the unlock.

Advice 1:
If it wasn’t beeping before, then you did something that changed things. Backtrack over your work. Check everything you did, then check it again. Mechanics rule #1: go back to the last thing you did and double-check everything.

Normally when unlocking lights flash twice, but a problem in one of the door lock mechanisms will change the flashes to beeps. Had a Foxwell reader NT530 and when using it to activate our driver door lock it showed feedback from the lock was it didn’t change states, and hence the system detects something is wrong and beeps. Most likely one of your door locking mechanisms or wiring bad.

If you have a reader like the Foxwell it will show you which door is malfunctioning, because it could be either one. Durametric doesn’t show state of the door locks, but it does show much more useful info than the Foxwell model we had such as fuel trim, overrevs, and cam deviation.

Advice 2:
the CLS in my new (to me) 2000 C4 Cab was malfunctioning when I bought it — double beeps, no flashing lights, etc — and the driver’s side door regulator was inoperable as well.

Had the driver’s side door regulator replaced by my Indie? It worked fine was a replacement but I still got the beeps. Read online that the beeps could be caused by a fault in the seat belt latches. My Indie didn’t have the means to diagnose the problem and I still had to reprogram a new key that I bought from the dealer. So, I just let the dealer diagnose it. According to the service advisor, they spent over 4 hours trying to figure out the problem but only charged me for 1 @ $210/hr for that.

The problem was the driver’s side door lock that had to be replaced. Add to pay an extra $280 for the door latch and 2 more hrs for the install. Also got them to reprogram the CLS to immediately lock on start up and re-lock on open/close for free because they didn’t offer to do it when the door lock was replaced. Total cost to fix it – $910 – but it works GREAT! now.


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