New Clip ADT comes, old RLT probe stays working?

New Clip ADT comes in Belgium already. I think old probe stays working, the Renault Can Clip (old RLT probe) works since 2010 when alliance came till now.

What is new can clip?
The new clip interface is made by Bosch and is a similar design to jlr pathfinder interface (also made by Bosch) the new interface has doip (diagnostic over internet protocol) also. The interface is called mts6534 or mts6535 (one has a screen and one doesn’t) and is developed for use on Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

New can clip is supposed not be cheap at
I searched and find some people are interested in it.
I said in the first paragraph, the Renault Can Clip (old RLT probe) will stays working and not be replaced yet.
CAN Clip software is keeping update since 2000.
Renault CAN Clip


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