mss60 ECU programmers reviews: Ktag, kess, FGtech, CMD

Using experience with mss60 ECU programmers: Ktag, kess, FGtech, CMD etc.

Review 1: Ktag /Kess Ksuite will do it perfectly.
I was battling with an MSS60. According to this ECU, you must do a full read and then straight after that you must do a full write. After you’ve done that, the ECU is open for you to load your tunes based on partial reads and writes. The reason for the full read and full write is that it takes off the tuning protection on the ECU.
I did a full read a month ago, and only did a full write a week ago. Whenever I tried to write the tune file, the ECU would be bricked and come back with a checksum error after the write. So the secret is to do the write directly after the read. I did this with a Galletto but the process is the same for Kess. I now write my custom tunes with Kess to the ECU, and KSuite corrects the checksums for the partial writes.
The process is different for other ECUs I’d imagine.

Review 2: FGTech2 in BDM mode
I have tried FGTech2 in BDM mode on mss65 without problem, both processors read and write. This was an ecu with updated software from the SPdaten V41 (around 2011).
I also tried with obd mode, but with no success. This was a bench setup where I connected through a KGM (karroserie gateway module) from an E60 chassis.
However, I was able to communicate with both Inpa and Bavarian Technic through this setup so that FGTech did not communicate is probably addressed to the FGTech.
I also made a reprogram with WinKFP through the same bench setup so I dont think my setup was the problem.
I also made a try with my EVC bdm100, and it worked well to both processors in bdm mode.
The problem with locked slave processor as on mss60 does not seem to apply on the mss65.
===>>Experience sharing: My mss65 ecu I have for testing are from 06/2006, and this is pre lCI, K-can. Connection are made via K-line to KGM, and from KGM to mss65 via PT CAN (PowerTrain CAN).
Review 3:
BDM works fine. CMD or genius work fine too with OBD2


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