Lost Saab TIS2000 update program solution

Unfortunately, I lost TIS2000 update program. What to do? Would you please share with me one link to download?

Yes, obd2shop.co.uk engineer already uploaded one link for you:
Saab tis2000 download link:
Password: f6n69w
O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8
– CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1 GHz or higher
– RAM: 256 MB of system memory
– Hard Drive: 5 GB of available space

Saab TIS2000 installation guide:
1) Insert TIS2000 software CD into the laptop
2) Install the setup driver in the CD
3) Select Activator. Select first one Activator hardware key
4) Load DATA DVD (tis2000+data+0802) to run TIS200 on the desktop after compete install the setup. TIS2000 will update the data automatically.
5) Find out and locate SuperPro.dll file in TIS2000 crack file folder after update data and copy the SuperPro.dll file to “C: Program filescosidsbin”
6) Then run TSI2000 software
7) Connect the GM Tech2 device with computer
8) Start ECU programming and follow the windows prompts.
If you order a GM Tech2 scanner with Saab software, you’d better choose Saab TIS2000 CD with USB key.

What is TIS 2000 Software?
TIS 2000 is an abbreviation of Techline Information System 2000 software application.TIS 2000 is actually a group of several programs that perform the following functions:
Service Programming System(SPS)

TIS 2000 Software Language Support:
English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese

TIS 2000 Software Support Vehicle Models:
GM-English 32.008 1991-2013
GM-German 32.008 1991-2013
GM-Spanish 32.008 1991-2013
GM-Japanese 32.008 1991-2013
GM-French 32.008 1991-2013
GM-Thai 32.008 1991-2013
GM-Portuguese 32.008 1991-2013
GM-Korean 32.008 1991-2013

SAAB-English 148.000

OPEL-English V180 1997-2014
OPEL-Italian 133.001 1997-2012
OPEL-German 85.001 1997-2008
OPEL-Spanish 91.001 1997-2009

HOLDEN-English  V149 1999-2013

SUZUKI-English 01.210.020

ISUZU-English CAN-BUS 107.021 2010- (CAN-BUS support car models after 2010)
ISUZU-English K-Line 11.62 1996-2013 (K-line support car models from 1996 to 2011)
(If you want ISUZU software, please tell us you want CAN-BUS or K-line)
Opel-Vauxhall TIS 2000 v96 Multilanguage
Opel-Vauxhall TIS 2000 v116.0E Multilanguage



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