Jaguar code scanner, Foxwell NT510 or iCarsoft Lr II?

Looking for Jaguar code scanner, which better Foxwell NT510 or iCarsoft Lr II? what can they do, what are their pros and cons, go on reading the following below parts.

Jaguar car makes and year:
XK / XKR (X150) 2006 – 2014

diagnose, coding

Tools option:
Foxwell NT510
iCarsoft Lr II
Cloned mongoose SDD (not willing to have)

iCarsoft Lr II review:
There are far more outlets stocking this reader than there was a year ago when I bought mine, this could be an encouraging sign for the unit, I paid £135.

It is a great piece of kit and yes some would balk at the cost, but I wanted something that was idiot proof and worked out of the box.

This it does admirably, but there is a couple of things I’d mention,

As you go through the screens identifying your model, you’ll see one for manual or automatic, this is not for the gearbox on your car but for the diagnostic tool, are you searching manually or have the tool do it automatically.

Another point of note, my car was registered in late 2005, yet I have to enter the model year 2006 as the build date for it to identify my cars electronics.

All in all, money well spent, it will come preloaded with the current software for both Jags and Land Rovers, it also has basic OBD for all other cars.

Foxwell NT510 review on Jaguar:
Use Foxwell NT510 to scan Jagura car in auto mode all modules were listed and showed if they had a fault code. If there was, you entered the module with
a fault and read the code.

Share more Foxwell NT510 test reports:
-> 2004 XJ8 VDP…OK
It had no problem communicating with all the modules on the 2004 XJ8 VDP, it also shown up c-1430 and C-1707 rear left center sensor fault and get it done.

-> 2001 Jaguar XK8 ABS Module Removal ok with the help of Foxwell NT510
-> Jaguar XK8 / XKR ( X100 ) OK
1) Pros: it’s quite good. It can see all the modules, read all the faults of every module and show live data etc.
Its fast, convenient to use and can even show live data in a graph mode. It can see all the modules (although it can’t communicate with my L/H headlight, however nothing else can either). I first used it in anger last month to monitor the transmission fluid temperature when changing the old oil.

2) Cons: The screen display is not as bright or clear as the icarsoft i930.
It does not have the function to reset the adaptations. It does not have any programming functions for our XK8’s or XKR’s but seems to be able to program many things on my neighbors’ Land Rover Discovery!

->2015 Jaguar XE petrol…OK
Foxwell NT510 is a good diagnostic scanner for 2015 Jaguar XE petrol.
Special functions:
-> Reset the service interval…OK
If you have Jaguar XJ ( X351) to reset the Service Required warning message, You won’t be able to find a way to reset the warning without the code reader that enables a reset. I purchased the Foxwell NT510 SPECIFICALLY for that purpose. Yes, it DOES reset the indicator.
->EPB reset…OK

Foxwell NT510 can do more than iCarsoft Lr II.
iCarsoft Lr II screen is bigger than Foxwell NT510

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