How to Use OBDSTAR X300M adjust mileage for Porsche Cayenne 2008

Good news ! engineers have managed to adjust mileage on Porsche Cayenne 2008 by using OBDSTAR X300M odometer correction tool via OBD2.

X300M Change KM for Cayenne 2008 Procedure:
the dashboard of Cayenne 2008

the current mileage: 2345744km

Kindly notice: check connection of the car and X300 M

here goes to Cayenne odometer correction.


select Cayenne->Cayenne -2009->MILEAGE ADJUSTMENT

->enter a file name to save, here 11100000

input value: 11100000

OBDSTAR X300M mileage programmer managed to read the current mileage of 234560 (error does not exceed 10km)

->input new mileage: 345430

input value: 345430

->adjusting mileage…
->adjustment complete

the dashboard displays the new milesage as what is set just now

Done ! Cayenne change km SUCCESS.


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