How to solve 1999 V70 manual transmission speed sensor problem?

Car model and year: 1999 V70 T5



Has had a replacement engine installed in 2018. After repair, the display panel would intermittently light up amber, including the periodic red illumination of the speed sensor. Speedometer would drop to zero, and the mileage indicator would be blank. The Volvo would continue to run fine. Also the cruise control no longer functions.


What to do:

Had a diagnostic done using Vida Dice at one garage which indicated that the errors were all down to the speed sensor.


My question:

Looking for a reliable resource for documentation (tech spec, repair and service manuals) for this 1999 V70 T5 manual transmission Volvo delivered in Europe.



you can shop Amazon for a Haynes manual, you can find online manuals via subscriptions or you can buy the VIDA DICE CD from China (the OBD tool that works with the VIDA software is subscription also and quite expensive. The way these cars work is that the speed sensors are tied into the ABS – so they go from the wheels to the ABS controller, which in turn talks to the transmission (for autos) and then on to the ECU. It’s not uncommon for the wheel sensor to get nicked during repairs or grease from an axle boot tear (or engine repair) gets on the wheel which accumulates dirt. A quick fix may be to remove the wheel’s speed sensor from the hub, spray the hub and sensor clean with some brake cleaner then see if that fixes the issue. Dunno if the manual transmission even has a speed sensor (can’t think of a reason why it would).


As to the speed sensor on manual transmission V70, all I can describe are the symptoms: the speed indicator drops to zero and the mileage indicator goes to dashes, and a red indicator light goes on in the display, so you drive with no speed indication other than listening to the engine and transmission for a variable period of time… then it comes back, and all is fine. Not a great or safe way to drive. A local Volvo dealer also suggested that this model of the V70 had the speed sensor tied to the ABS, and only the automatic models had a separate speed sensor, but he couldn’t confirm. You have. Thanks.

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