How to Reset OPEL Corsa-C ECU & IMMO with GM Tech2 Scanner

GM TECH2 Scanner How to Reset OPEL Corsa-C ECU & IMMO ? Let’s See Together

Equipment we need:

GM Tech2 Scanner

Car Model and Year:
OPEL Corsa-C 2005
IMMO Resetting Steps:
Plug GM Tech2 cable into OPEL Corsa-C socket;
Boot up GM Tech2 diagnostic tool;
Enter into Main Menu;
Click Diagnostics to select car model and year;
Click Body >> Immobilizer >> Partnumber >> Additional Functions >> Reset Immobilizer, next you need to enter security code.


Operate according to the tips, until it appears message reading “Reset Immobilize. Reset completed successfully!” It is Okay.


ECU (Engine) Resetting Steps:
Come back to Additional Functions interface;
Select Reset Engine Control Module;
Select Installed Engine


Wait for the data;
Enter Security Code;
Pop out message reading “Reset Engine Control Module. Reset Completed Successfully”, it is Okay.
Come back to Body (interface);
Select Programming >> Program Immobilizer Function:
Select Installed Engine;
Select Immobilizer and ECM Installed;
Enter Security Code;
Enter Vehicle Identification Number


Show message to turn ignition off and then on


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