How to Register Foxwell Scanner

Today we’d like to introduce you How to Register Foxwell Scanner , it’s very easy and simple to register. To register a scanner , you can either register on the foxwell official website : or buy the update PC application FoxScanner

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Steps :

1.1 Register Thourgh Website

1. Open main page and click Sign in, Input your Foxwell ID/registered email and password.


2.When log in successfully, the Member Center will show as below. This platform enables you to review the registered products, register new products,modify personal information or reset the password


3.To register a product, please click  My products>New Registeration. Select Right part number,input serial number and password and click the Submit button to complete product registration. Please rep-eat the process if you have more products.


Please kindly notice:
To check the serial number and password of a device , please boot up it, and select SETUP>ABOUT. The serial number and password is right on the ABOUT page

1.2 Register With FoxScanner

To register with FoxScanner:
1. Launch the PC application FoxScanner.Log in With your Foxwell ID/registered email and password


2.Please select Register Products  to register it.Select the right part number, input serial number and password to complete product registration you have multiple scanners to be registered, please enter all serial numbers you wish to register and when click Submit to register them together.

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