How to register and update Foxwell NT530

This is a tutorial on Foxwell NT530 registration and upgrade.

So let’s get started.

Step 1. Open your browser and go to

Select “Product” to find “NT530”


Step 2. Download the “FoxAssistSetup.rar”

Click “NT530” to enter the page, pull at the bottom of the page, you will see the “Download” module, choose “FoxAssistSetup.rar” to download.

Foxwell-nt530-register-and-update-02 Foxwell-nt530-register-and-update-03

Step 3. NT530 Register

After installing the “FoxAssist”, open the software to register an account.

Click “Register” -> fill in the information -> click “Free Registration”

Foxwell-nt530-register-and-update-04 Foxwell-nt530-register-and-update-05

Registration is successful, click “Sign in” to continue.


Step 4. NT530 Update

Now you need to connect your NT530 Scanner to your computer via USB. Choose “Update” -> Press “Enter”


Follow the instructions to select the software model you want and complete the update.

Foxwell-nt530-register-and-update-08 Foxwell-nt530-register-and-update-09

Check out this video for more detailed steps.

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